Our Vision

In Germany, like in no other country in the world, economic prosperity and the employment situation depend on exports. The share of exports of goods and services in the gross domestic product currently amounts to approximately 40 percent. This is made possible, among other things, by the high degree of innovation, in particular of the small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany, the German Mittelstand. Nevertheless, reliability and great quality are also important factors. Made in Germany has established a reputation around the world and induces international demand.

However, especially the innovative companies of the Mittelstand, for instance those located in the mechanical and plant engineering industries, often lack support in the financing of export activities. Capacity and know-how needed for obtaining trade and export financing or for dealing with Hermes covers are not always sufficiently available. And finding the right bank for specific or difficult markets can be tedious and time consuming. This sometimes creates the impression that export finance is rather designed for project finance in the upper million range than for the export transactions of the Mittelstand.

This is where we come in, for export finance should be easily and readily accessible for companies and export activities of all sizes.

Our vision:


GoFinex focuses on the transactions that are based on the creditworthiness of the foreign purchaser / importer, its guarantor abroad or its local bank. We do not finance the exporter itself and are the first in the market with this business model. Not only can exporters make non-binding financing inquiries with us and conveniently obtain and compare offers; they can also handle parts of the information exchange in the credit process directly via our platform.


Moreover, GoFinex is more than a tendering platform. The extensive information provided and the possibility to get in touch with specialized advisors through us offers the export industry a real added value. Our innovative Information Platform is the knowledge base for the export industry that unites all relevant information on foreign trade financing in one place. We permanently provide this information to registered exporters free of charge and without obligation.


We cooperate with banks and help them to find tailor-made new business without having to make their own acquisition effort. This helps them avoid unnecessary expenditure and reduces their distribution costs. GoFinex is impartial in every respect and acts as a neutral mediator between the German export industry and the banking world.
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Your suggestions are important to us. Only with you, we can better orientate our platform towards you and your needs. Therefore, we are very grateful for constructive criticism and new ideas. Because it is not us, but you who has to like what we do! Try us out! We look forward to every constructive feedback. For this purpose, please click on the tab ‘Contact’ in the menu bar. There you will find our contact form, amongst other things.


About FinPortal GmbH

FinPortal GmbH is a service provider for digital financial products. For example, we develop products that digitize communication between customers and banks, thereby increasing the efficiency of financing processes for both sides. Our GoFinex platform is our first product.