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Digital support for the financing process makes operations more efficient for all parties involved, reduces the workload and enables the accelerated closure of deals.

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Operating principle of the GoFinex Tendering Platform

In 3 steps to the optimal financing solution

Make a non-binding financing request

  • If you are already familiar with export financing issues and know what you want, you can start to tender your application now.

  • However, if you have lack experience in dealing with these matters, you can first find out about the different products on offer via the Information Platform. You can use our product selection tool and, if you like, consult a specialist advisor to assist you with product choice and application. We will gladly establish the relevant contacts.

  • Register your company with GoFinex for free and without obligation. Our financing partners only require little information about your company to be able to create the optimal offers for you. As a consultant to an export company, you can also register and collect offers for your customers.

  • Afterwards, select the appropriate product. 

Obtain and compare offers

  • GoFinex cooperates with independent banks and other financing partners, in particular in Germany and Austria, but also all over Europe. We treat your request confidentially and forward it only to the appropriate partners who can cover your business from a regional as well as structural point of view.

  • Within the offer period you have specified, you will receive non-binding offers from our partners via the GoFinex Tendering Platform. These offers include the terms and conditions for your business alongside other information from the providers that may be relevant to your choice. This includes the provider’s respective experience in a specific country / region.

  • Based on the terms and conditions, you can select your partners of choice and contact them directly to discuss further details.

Implement financing easily

  • GoFinex ​​acts as the intermediary of financing offers.

  • The conclusion of the contract takes place outside of the GoFinex Tendering Platform, directly between the financing partner you chose and yourself. The financing itself is provided by our partner banks, which handle it in the usual way.

  • The entire service is free for you.

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Our foreign trade financing products

On the GoFinex Tendering Platform, you can tender letters of credit, forfeitings and buyer credits.

Use the GoFinex Navigator if you do not know what kind of export financing you need.

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Letter of credit (L/C)

The letter of credit is designed to secure the exporter’s payment claim. In the case of greater political risks in the importing country, and in order to hedge the payment risk of the foreign bank, confirmation of the letter of credit by a credit institution based in Germany or Europe (subsidiaries or branch offices of foreign banks are also suitable) is advisable. The bank will assume its own payment obligation vis-à-vis your company if the bank abroad that has issued the letter of credit does not pay.

Please note:

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Buyer credit

The buyer credit is a delivery-linked credit that a buyer (importer) receives from a credit institution to be able to settle his liability towards the supplier (exporter).

Please note:

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Moreover, a company needs a lot of know-how to apply for a buyer credit. Small and medium-sized enterprises are therefore well advised to consult an experienced consultant.

To our advisory partners (In German)


In the export business, in particular, the non-recourse sale of receivables (‘regressloser Verkauf von Forderungen’) is an interesting feature. Done correctly, it can provide exporters with additional liquidity, whilst simultaneously relieving their balance sheets.

The starting point is the granting of a supplier credit by the exporter to the foreign customer (importer). The forfeiting is based on a purchase agreement between the bank as the buyer of the receivables and the exporter as the seller of the receivables, the fulfillment of which is achieved through the cession of the receivables to be sold. Thereby, the claim is sold by the exporter to a bank with a discount. The bank then assumes all economic and political risks. The seller of the receivables (exporter) retains the so-called dilution risk (‘Veritätsrisiko’). This means that he remains liable for the fulfillment of the delivery contract, the legal status of the claims and defects from the delivery business.

Just like a buyer credit, the supplier credit should also be endowed with Hermes cover for the subsequent sale of receivables to a bank in order to secure it against political and economic risks. However, the usual deductible of 5 or 15 percent is not retained by the bank, but by the exporter.

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In addition, a company needs a lot of know-how to award a supplier credit, which is subsequently sold to a bank for balance sheet relief. Small and medium-sized enterprises should therefore consider consulting an experienced advisor.

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Case Studies

Letter of credit (L/C)

A wholesaler specializing in tool trade sells chain saws with a total value of EUR 1 million to Vietnam. The Vietnamese importer offers a letter of credit from his bank to secure the payment. However, the exporter’s house bank cannot confirm the letter of credit because it has no relation to the Vietnamese bank. Therefore, the exporter tenders the letter of credit on GoFinex. It only takes a few minutes to enter some transaction-related parameters and to specify an offer date (‘Angebotsdatum’). GoFinex then forwards the information to interested banks. After 48 hours, there are offers from two banks that GoFinex makes available to the company. After consultation with the banks, the exporter accepts the best offer for him and the financing is completed.

Buyer credit

A utilities company in Ghana writes out the international construction of a refinery. It is required that prospective constructors also offer financing in addition to the technical offer. A company from Augsburg active in the production of refinery plants would like to participate in this international invitation to tender. As a high-performance company with a turnover of EUR 500 million, they are standing a good chance.

Since a business relationship with the importer has previously not been established, the utilities company opts for a Hermes-covered buyer credit of up to EUR 8 million. This enables them to optimally protect themselves against political and economic risks. One thing is certain: the contract award for this order will depend very much on the financing conditions. But which bank offers the best conditions for Ghana? Time is short and you don’t want to spend it with endless phone calls and talks with bankers. That's why the exporter's treasurer chooses GoFinex's tendering platform. After a short time only, the information about the export business is recorded in the platform. The treasurer knows from experience that he should give the banks some time to make well-founded offers and therefore grants them 10 days. During this time 3 banks have submitted interesting offers with a credit period of 5 years. The treasurer is satisfied with this and now submits the most attractive offer to his bidding documents. He is confident that he will be able to win the order from Ghana for his company. And he is right: after another 5 weeks, the Augsburg company has received the contract from Ghana. Now the treasurer can complete the required documentation in the usual manner with the selected bank, the buyer of the plant from Ghana and Euler-Hermes.


A manufacturer of agricultural machinery from Hesse with a turnover of EUR 200 million has delivered 4 tractors with a total value of EUR 300,000 to their Argentine customer. The tractors were delivered at intervals of 3 months. The manufacturer has granted the customer a payment target of 2 years since he does not want to pay immediately. However, the German exporter wants to preserve his balance sheet and at the same time improve his liquidity. He therefore decides to switch to a forfeiting solution after the last delivery. In order to find a suitable forfeiting early on, the sales manager enters the basic parameters about his firm and the order on the GoFinex Tendering Platform. Within three days, he receives several offers, from which he selects the one that suits his company best. The identified bank buys the entire claim of the manufacturer against payment of a discount and grants the importer a credit period over 3 years. The claims that the exporter had had against its customer have now been transferred to the bank with this transaction. The customer also benefits because he has been granted a one-year term of credit by the bank.