• Inform yourself quickly and independently about current issues in  trade and export financing. 21604918_l.jpg

    The GoFinex Information Platform for exporters

    Inform yourself quickly and independently about current issues in trade and export financing.

Foreign Trade News

In this section, you will find current press releases, e.g. from business associations & credit insurers. These may be general themes or trade policy issues that affect your day-to-day business in one way or another. The press sections are sorted by publication data.

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Videos on financial products

The GoFinex video platform provides you with videos on common financial products in export finance and on general issues related to foreign trade.

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Know-how on export finance

Under this heading, you will find answers to general questions about export financing and a Trade Finance Guide that explains terms related to foreign trade finance.


Q & A on export finance (Available in German) Trade Finance Guide (Available in German)

Information on selected financial products

Letters of credit Buyer credits Forfeitings

Country profiles of important export markets

GoFinex provides country-specific information on the political and economic conditions of Germany's 100 most important export partners.


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Relevant links to the export industry

Here you can find useful links with information on the export industry.

The selection ranges from international project tenders to funding opportunities and foreign trade financing and offers you the opportunity to maintain and develop your knowledge of the export economy.


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GoFinex Navigator

With the product selection tool, you can get a first indication of which type of financing suits you best. In addition, you can also learn the ("little) basics" of export finance in a playful way.


GoFinex Sourcing Tool

The inclusion of foreign supplies in the federal cover is usually easily possible within certain limits. To avoid losing track here, our GoFinex-Sourcing Tool helps you determine the shares of allowable overseas supplies.


GoFinex Calculators

GoFinex offers a range of calculators with which you can comfortably calculate various Hermes fees and premiums based on country and buyer categories.