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    GoFinex - the online platform
    for export finance

    GoFinex enables the tendering of tailor-made solutions for export finance and informs quickly and independently about the latest developments
    in trade finance.

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    Everything about trade and export finance

    Finally a platform for exportoriented SMEs and the export industry. With GoFinex, I quickly receive relevant information on trade and export finance.

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    GoFinex export
    finance tools

    Our easy-to-use tools help you with product selection, the calculation of financing and cost of cover.

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GoFinex provides you with the most suitable export financing product - be it a L/C or payment guarantee, forfeiting (e.g. supplier credit or deferred payment L/C) or buyer credit.

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The most suitable export finance solution in only 3 Steps

Request for non-binding offer

You can simply tender your request - free of charge and without obligation. If export finance isn’t your field of expertise, you can gather relevant information (on the Information Platform) and, if necessary, consult a GoFinex accredited advisor. You
are always in the driver seat. You can freely define the period of time in which you would  like to receive your offers.

Obtain and compare offers

Our partners (banks and financial institutions) will respond with tailor-made offers, which you can compare to select your partner of choice. All our partners are either registered in Germany or other EU countries. They are regulated by their
respective national banking supervisory authorities that are subject to the European banking supervision framework.

Export finance realized easily

GoFinex ​​acts only as the intermediary of financing offers.
The financing itself is provided by our partner banks, which handle it in the usual way.

Advantages of the GoFinex Tendering Platform


The GoFinex Tendering Platform gives you fast and easy access to a wide scoper of tailor-made financing offers. Hence, you can choose the offers that suit you most. This improves your chances to secure your sales.



GoFinex is not a financial institution, but a completely neutral and independent intermediary between the export industry and the banking world. GoFinex aims to make export finance more transparent and more accessible to the export industry.

Free of charge

For you as an exporter, using GoFinex is completely free of charge. Instead. Our financing partners make a financial contribution because they benefit from GoFinex as a new digital and efficient distribution channel.


You no longer must use valuable resources to reach out and follow up with various lenders. With GoFinex, different offers are available after a short time. Search requests can be made 24/7 from wherever you are.



GoFinex only works with banks based in Germany and Europe that are regulated by the national / European banking supervision. These financial institutions can look back upon a long history with the financial products mediated by GoFinex.


Our IT service provider guarantees an accessibility of our servers of 99.5% in the annual average. The servers we use are located in Germany. The data exchange with the platform is conducted over a highly encrypted connection.


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Further GoFinex offers on export topics, trade and export finance

Information Platform for exporters

The Information Platform offers you

  • Foreign Trade News
  • Videos on financial products
  • Q & A on export finance
  • Trade Finance Guide
  • Country profiles of important export markets
  • Links to websites relevant for the export industry
  • Information about selected financial products
    • Letter of credit

    • Buyer credit

    • Forfeiting

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Calculation Tools

The calculation tools offer you

  • Product Selection Tool: Get a first indication of what type of funding is most appropriate for you.

  • Sourcing Tool: Keep track of the inclusion of foreign supplies in the federal coverage.

  • Hermes Fee Calculators: Easily determine the premium rate charged by the German export credit agency based on country categories and buyer categories as well as the risk period.


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"We want to become the online platform for trade finance
that no exporter can do without."

Joachim Reinhardt, Managing Director FinPortal GmbH                 



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